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Qualia is a philosophical term used to describe the actual sensation of an experience from an individual perspective; we are an experiential outsourced direct marketing and direct sales company that dives into the mind of our consumer in order to create a positive, long-lasting impression for the brands we represent.

How we get down to business

Marketing agency with a splash of fun and creativity.


Creating Superb Experiences

We specialize in engaging customers through face-to-face interactions with specific target demographics. Through successful application of our marketing strategies we are able to create fun, unique, sales approaches that create long lasting effects on the customers we interact with.


Innovation, That's What We Do.

We are on a mission to modernize the industry through a commitment to professionalism, integrity, quality representation and career advancement.


Combining the Digital with the Human

At Qualia we understand that the best strategies are multi-pronged approaches in order to ensure active engagement. We value digital marketing as an asset in the marketing toolbox of every business, while recognizing the shortcomings of strictly digital approaches. With the internet presently laden with brands trying to attract consumers, companies must go above and beyond to resonate with their target audience.  Qualia brings the brands to life with an interpersonal approach. We connect with our clients on a personal level through event-based campaigns and marketing approaches. Creating long term relationships with the brand and the consumer. Our strategically developed campaigns target the emotions that influence consumer engagement.

Why Us?

How are we different?

We provide a comprehensive approach in order to deliver the best results for our client portfolio.


We devise detail-oriented, demographic specific campaigns in order to provide rapid measurable engagement.


Innovative promotional campaigns are our specialty.


Our approach to brand proliferation can help your company stay competitive with continuous consumer acquisition.


Our ability to create customer lifetime value for our clients and provide a long lasting high return on investment separates us from the competition.

At Qualia...

We believe that people are essential.

To achieve greater things, we place our people first.

At Qualia, it is our goal is to give marketing professionals a platform to showcase their skills in a growing industry. As a fast-growing marketing agency, we put all our efforts into the professional development of talented team members. We have found that our ​“people-first”​ approach has given us the ability to create smart, thriving teams that are both happy and productive.

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