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Marketing Events

We set up and carry out various events depending on which client we are representing. We can reach ideal candidates for our telecom companies at sporting events, music festivals, expo centers, trade shows, and conventions such as Comicon, Techcon, and GameCon. For our food and beverage clients, we will reach out to customers at farmers’ markets, ski resorts, and gyms. We have had great success for our nonprofits at fairs, universities, and shopping centers. And for even more targeting we can set up events for our pet insurance clients at dog parks, adoption centers, and veterinarian clinics.

Retail Promotions

Our retail campaigns have yielded tremendous results for our clients as we have formed partnerships with some of the most prominent Big Box retail stores in the country. Not only volume sales, but more importantly quality sales have been the byproduct of our ever-growing retail campaigns. The opportunity for national growth on these campaigns has already been presented, and we just started scratching the surface. 

Residential Campaigns

This is not your typical door-to-door sales. Our ability to bring professionalism and honesty to an archaic sales process has left an impression on our clients. We are one of the only companies to be given access to leads in which we can set up appointments with potential customers. Quality representation, a pleasant customer experience, and integrity in an industry plagued with pressure sales and disingenuous sales tactics is a breath of fresh air to our clients. They are looking to us to expand on this platform and bring a much-needed change to this industry. 

Business-to-business Sales

We work with local businesses to educate them about the value that our clients can provide for them. From business-class internet to office supplies, to merchant processing services, we are helping local businesses get great deals while promoting our client’s brand.


We were able to impact and successfully helped these customers find what they were looking for.

thus far

From telecommunications to food & beverages, we have been lucky to work with some of the world’s best brands.

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